As for the Women who will no longer get such a specialised service that resulted in just a 6% re offender rate, well they’ll just get forgotten about as well, returned to a prison service that is disfunctional through under funding and over crowding. More job losses and a less dedicated service. Keep it up Cameron, we’ll be a third world country before the decade is out![/p][/quote]I think it is called change.[/p][/quote]For the worse.

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I can go and take my kid and say, that was a good hustle play. That what you don do. I couldn even do that. The game quickly becomes a Canada vs. NZ grudge match. At one point I’m drilled viciously into the boards from behind, breaking my wrist. I arrived and saw Brittney by a car and took four quick shots. Security asked me to stop shooting, and I told them I was just getting some crowd shots. The third time they asked me to stop shooting I decided it was time to go before I got arrested.

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